02 October 2008

A Gift For Obama and Gwen Ifill

I got this idea from Michelle Malkin.

An Ivy League prof responds to the Gwen “Age of Obama” Ifill controversy, no doubt with a tinge of regret in his voice, in an interview with the Boston Herald:

“It’s probably not the greatest thing on Earth that she is in that role and it’s probably going to really force her to be fully even-handed,” Thomas Patterson, professor of government and the press at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, told the Herald yesterday.

“Fully even-handed.”

As opposed to the usual partially (un)even-handed way the ogling Obamedia has operated the past 20 months.


Anyway, Professor Patterson better be careful.

As I predicted Tuesday night, expressing even the slightest criticism of Ifill’s vested financial and ideological interest in the outcome of the election will get you labeled a…RACIST!

Speaking of which: You won’t believe (nah, you will believe) the number of e-mails from incensed Obama supporters who complained about this sentence in my column:

“It’s not the color of your skin, sweetie.”

The reference to Obama’s dismissive use of “sweetie” when addressing a female journalist sailed right over their heads.

Ignorant of the allusion, the complainers’ immediately proceeded to attack me for…RACISM!

This one’s for you, Gwen Ifill. Like they say, membership has its privileges:


Chicago Ray said...

Robo, Those Malkin haters are right up there witht he worst racists out there, all from the lefty. Always rememeber it was the Democrats who brought us the KKK.

Obama the racist, not even a true African American and yet these people are so stupid they treat him as one, and he gets away with it because they are so starved for representation they will take anybody who even looks black, like Obama barely does.

He is least African American than anything, as he hasn't even proved himself to be an American with an authentic birth certificate, and if he gets elected stands a good chance of being removed from office.

Anonymous said...

Obama is getting more help from every different side imaginable! Hey, and if all else fails, play the race card!

They are so defensive that they can't see the obvious bias that is right in front of them. So they have to come up with some other trumped up reason why we think it unfair. It's not suprising but is so damn frustrating!!!!

Ray, your right, they are so desperate for a "black" president, that he could be 1/100th African American and still they would somehow play the race card!