24 January 2008

Robocop's Got Issues

Here is my basic stance on the general issues that people argue about:

Gun Control- To me, gun control is the ability to hit your target. Similar to the Vermont theory, I support the belief that the government does not have the legal power to limit/disarm the law abiding citizen, or limit the arms he can bear as outlined by the Bill Of Rights. I believe the Second Amendment was placed there as an insurance policy for the other Amendments of the US Constitution.

The War On Terror- Even though it did not start out that way, I believe the Iraqi and Afgan campaigns are now related to the War On Terror. Our soldiers are fighting the same people on both fronts. Our foreign and domestic enemies would benefit if we lost either front. The effect of a cut and run policy to our warriors would be devastating.

Taxes and Spending- We currently have a tax on almost EVERY aspect of our lives, and even a death tax the follows the end of our lives. I am not happy about supporting the lavish lifestyles of our politicians, while they call for more of my money in the name of "helping the people", when I know what the reality of their spending is. If we are short on money, perhaps foreign aid, supporting illegal immigrants, and irrelevant pork programs should bear the sacrificial sword.

Abortion- I am split on this issue. Religiously, I believe it is murder. On the other hand, my life experience has determined that the world would be better off if some people were not allowed to exist.

Civil Rights- I believe in racial and gender equality. What I do not believe in are "affirmative action" preferences which nullify the spirit of competition, which is the soul of our social and economic fabric. To narrow it down a little bit, I believe that the rights outlined in the US Constitution are by Americans, for Americans. "We the People of the United States..." did not apply to the new world order. If other nations choose to mimic our system, great.

Corporations- these are what you call double edged swords. They are the backbone of our economy, yet they can be as oppressive to the people as any elected body. Let them make their money without penalizing them for their success, and CHECK them hard if they harm our people including their workers, and communities.

Crime- "Do the crime, do the time" sounds very poetic, but let's have a reality check here. Our prisons are over crowded. Place criminals that actually harm society into them. Do not place someone into prison because they forgot to dot their i and cross their t on some regulatory form. Make room for the murderers, drug DEALERS and MANUFACTURERS, pedophiles, robbers, rapists, drunk drivers, etc... Dispose of Capital Murderers in the most efficient manner.

Education- Teach the kids the "three r's", but refrain from rewriting history to suit special interest groups. Too much government micro-management has been been a disaster. If someone exercises their right to place their child into a private school, do not charge the same person for the upkeep of a government school that he or she does not utilize. Teach other languages, but do not waste money on bilingual education. Make the school districts accountable for their spending. A football coach should not have 4 sports cars from his sign-on bonus, while an English teacher drives an '82 Escort.

Energy- The sooner we can get off our addiction to arab oil, the sooner they can become irrelevant to our foreign policy. This should be a priority.

Health Care-Remember the time when health care was affordable, and the insurance companies did not make actual medical decisions? Reverse every government and court action that has changed all this into its present state.

Immigration- If you are not a criminal, have a way to support yourself, and will contribute to our society, then I'll welcome you aboard after you jump through the same hoops my parents had to BEFORE they entered this country. These hoops will be in English. Sneak over, and I may shoot you. Oh, and no amnesty for illegal aliens too.

Social Security- When the money comes in, LEAVE IT ALONE. It is for Social Security.

Term Limits- Why would I want a professional politician making decisions that will effect my family and I? Do your first term. If you EARN a second term, continue to do a good job. After that, either go back to your actual occupation, or RETIRE.

National Defense- We'll leave you alone if you leave us alone. Attack us, and die.

Human Cloning- We can't even take care of people who were made the old fashioned way, beer, a fun night, and God's will. Why would we want to MAKE people?

Religion- We are "One nation under GOD." Let us pray to thank Him properly. And stop screwing up Christmas.

Now the problem:

How to match this with a Presidential Candidate. Right now, all the candidates fit into two categories. Close but no cigar, or No FREAKING WAY.

I'll settle for Close, But No Cigar.


Sandy said...

I think your worst problem with finding a candidate will be the whole "term limits" issue. I am split on this one myself. Putting someone into office who is NOT a professional politician is a lot like throwing a lamb into the lion's den, you know? By the time they figured out how to get anything done, it would be too late. I know that this attitude is part of the problem. I just don't know what the answer is. You are SO right, though, about not rewriting history to suit the current political powers. It is amazing to listen to my granson learning the "same?" history I was taught. Wow.

TexasFred said...

The really sad part is, we should NEVER have to 'settle'...

Damn good piece man...

Kaytabug said...

I am really sad that I will most likely have to settle.

Hyunchback said...

In regards to your opinion on Iraq and Afghanistan let me say AMEN!

I opposed the invasion of Iraq on multiple grounds. But, we are there. What is more the enemy is there, now. Our going away won't make the enemy go away. That's the fact. Our going away hands them a new Afghanistan.

Re: Abortion. How about we split the difference? We will keep abortion legal and outlaw capital punishment? We can just change it to "retroactive abortion" and pull convicted murders apart with steel hooks, one little piece at a time. Do you think we could get the liberals to accept that compromise?

Robocop said...

Most of the Libtards in charge do not compromise.**LOL**

Fianna said...

Me, too. I think we would get along pretty well.

Very good piece.

I am looking forward to future posts from you on this freak show we call an election.