31 July 2007

Douche Of The Month/Week

I thought I have seen everything, until I watched Good Morning America before going to work yesterday. I once thought that if there is one type of person in this world who needs to just flat out die, it is a pedophile. This view just got upgraded when I became aware of a pedophile advocate. Jack McClellan is such a man, who operates a website designed to assist pedophiles. Here's the story:

"Moms fearing for their children's safety are teaming up against a man who prowls playgrounds, amusement parks and fairs stalking little girls and then brazenly boasts about his exploits on his Web site.

Even though Jack McClellan calls himself a pedophile, legal experts say he hasn't broken any laws.

"I just think they're cute, a lot cuter than women," McClellan said.

McClellan has operated detailed Web sites rating the best public places to watch young children at play and posting photos he's taken at events. He even rated locations based on how many little girls, or LGs as he call them, are there.

"He is a reviewer, a pedophile reviewing places for other pedophiles to go," said child predator safety educator Pattie Fitzgerald, of safelyeverafter.com.

One Los Angeles mother accidentally came upon McClellan's Web site and realized that he was describing her young son who she had taken to a festival.

"Immediately my skin began to crawl," said Jane, who asked that her last name not be used. "I thought this man is talking about my child. Who is this man? Why is it OK for him to speak about my child?"

But Jane was not alone. Seattle moms were the first to notice McClellan's Internet comments after seeing comments like this: "lots of frolicking LGs, including several rolling down a steep grassy hill on their side" he wrote about children in a public park.

The determined mothers pressured him out of the city.

"I think he needs to stop using children for his own selfish pleasures," said one mother.

Now dozens of Los Angeles mothers are teaming up to force him out.

"You should not be able to take a picture of a random child on the street and use it on the Internet to promote the abuse and endangerment of children," Jane said.

But law enforcement's hand may be tied.

"You can't arrest him for advocating," said UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh.

Legal experts said, and police so far have agreed, McClellan has broken no laws. He has no criminal record and his postings have been legal.

"[Sites like this are] repugnant as they are probably constitutionally protected by the First Amendment," Volokh said. "

For his good "work" for his fellow man, I award him the titles "Douche Of The Week", and July 2007's "Douche Of The Month."

Now to collect his award, all he needs to do is report to the nearest penal (no pun intended) institute, where people like him can recieve a proper welcome:

27 July 2007

Tagged Career Meme

My wife Debs tagged me for a Career Meme.

"Here is how to play:
If you had the opportunity to do a 1-year internship in a company or field completely unrelated to your current career or specialty, what would be your top 5 choices?"

1> History teacher

2> Gunsmith/Gun dealer

3> Cobbler (as in shoe and boot maker)

4> Machinist

5> Medical Examiner

I have no one to tag in the blogger's world.

24 July 2007

Our Good Neighbors

Working corrections in Texas, I can't help but notice a few things while on the job. At least three times a day, I have a run-in with an inmate who "No hablo ingles". Most of the time, the man is full of shit, especially when I start saying words like "Segregation Housing", and "Commissary Restriction". There are a few though who really do not know our national tongue.

Ok, a question of reality. You sneak into my house (in this case, the good old US of A), and you do not even know how to beg for your life in my language?

The reason many of the past, and LEGAL immigrants eventually reached success in our country was that they assimilated into the American culture. Hell, I'm first generation American myself. My parents learned English BEFORE they got the legal paperwork to even step into this country. They did not demand preferential treatment, or monetary benefits which they did not earn. They were not a culture and financial drain on the country. My parents will be the first to tell me that their former country (over 50 years past now) was a hard place to be.

But if you bother to listen to the Mexican inmates I have to deal with, they'll try to convince you that Mexico is better than Heaven itself. My standard question to them: "If Mexico was such a paradise, then why the fuck did you leave?"

People will tell you that we can't survive without these illegals from Mexico because we'll die without the tomatoes that they pick. Ok, I am sure the gentlemen pictured below will pick your fruit.

23 July 2007

Fun Monday 23 July 2007

Willowtree is the host for this weeks Fun Monday. He gave us a choice of one of two assignments:

#1 "Tell us about your best friend. Particularly things like: where you first met, how long you've been friends and why you think you are best friends"


#2 "Who is the TV character that most makes you want to put your foot through the screen (it must be a character, not a person in reality TV). And why."

I'll pick #2. The TV character who would most make me want to put my foot through the screen would be the star character from the now defunct show "Reba". The main reason I dislike the character would be that fact that she thinks she is always right, no matter how wrong she can be at times. Let's face it, who would want to take family advice from someone who had a knocked up teenaged daughter and live in son-in-law, and an out of control teenaged daughter? I have come across quite a few "know it alls" too many times in my 40+ years on this good earth, and the Reba character is the tv epitome of them all.

On an amusing note, "Reba" just happens to be one of my wife's favorite tv reruns. Alittle comparison here: Reba and my wife are both alittle on the stubborn side, but I happen to love my wife, so I can have guiltless hate for Reba's character.

A close runner up would be the character Raymond Barone from the now defunct show "Everybody Loves Raymond". The explanation is simple on this one. He is a whopped mama's boy.

16 July 2007

Fun Monday 16 July 2007

Tiggerlane is hosting this week's Fun Monday.

The topic for today for Fun Monday:

"Here was the assignment in voyeurism: I wanna see your CAR! It can be your current car, the first car you ever had, maybe your first new car with that new-car smell, a car you wrecked once, or even the dream car you would drive - given all the money in the world! Oh - and if you have a truck, SUV, lawnmower, whatever the local authorities allow you to drive, let's see it!"

Your wish is my command. I present to you my first car:

This was a 1972 Buick Rivera. It was big, fast for a non-sportcar, roomie, and tough as nails. I sold it back in 1989, and I think it is still being driven around in my old hometown.

15 July 2007

The War

Opinions on this war in Iraq are like assholes, everyone has one. Should we be there. It does not matter. We are already there, and we can't just leave. That would only be equal to taping a "kick me" sign on your scrotum. Our main problem, we did too little too late. We go to war with basically a peacetime mentality to exclude a war bonds drive, or a real effort to increase the strength of our military. We go in with a minimum number of ground forces, which is great in taking a country, but someone forgot to take into account that you have to hold the land that you take. As I said, too little/too late. Now that we realize this, the appeasement crowd is using this as an opportunity to lose the war, like they proudly did in Viet Nam. Following the traditions started by the likes of Neville Chamberlain, they want "Peace in our time." People forget how well that worked with Hitler. My heart goes out to the troops we lost, but it could be alot worse. Sixteen years ago, as I participated in a battle which you can compare to clubbing a baby seal, people at home started to feel sorry for the scum that practiced torture in Kuwait. So heeding to the outcry of those spinless jellyfish, Bush I called a ceasefire. Sixteen years ago, my comrades and I had one scary thought: "We'll be back here again."

If I was king, I have a solution to the Iraqi problem:

Now, to uplift our spirits, here is a little music video:

As for fighting the terrorists in Afganastan, Pakistan, wherever they may be, I saw a really cool animation from Stickdeath that summarizes my idea of what should be done when these degenerates are caught( WARNING: May contain strong language and mild violence):


CCA, offically known as Corrections Corporation Of America. Unoffically known by both staff and inmates as "Can't Count Anything". Hey, it's a job. It is not a bad place to work, so if you are getting tired of spending time with your family, scorn Church on Sundays, and have a phobia against sleeping, then this is the place to work. The pay sucks, and so do the "raises". Did I mention that I need to eat?

As a private facility, you might think the inmates act differently. You are half right. Since the facility is more occupied with getting sued, balancing a budget more toward profit instead of officer safety, and an unoffcial policy of appeasement instead of order, the inmates, in general, act like unsupervised Klingon children. Gang activity is openly accepted. The facility I work at is at least 50 officers short, so don't plan on going home after eight hours. It is more like 12 to 16 hours. Sometimes more, but we are not supposed to talk about that. Besides, the time clock cuts us off after sixteen hours anyway. Hey, it's a job.

Now you might hear of the so called abuse convicts suffer at private facilities. Let's go over this. At the facility I work, the convicts:

>Get to wear freeworld clothing;

>Get an openned rec area, even if it means doing away with officer breaks to cover the area;

>Get to hold sporting events that impede the orderly operation of the facility, without notifying the security staff;

>have a tv and microwave on every floor of their dorms, which cannot be touched by staff as a means to control the inmates;

>have an administrative staff that sides with them on 70 percent of the issues, even if it underminds security;


Oh such abuse! Let's get the ACLU into this. Wait, someone already did that :(

What amazes me about this job is the selective knowledge of the inmates when it comes to facility regulations. They forget that you can't grab a female officer in the butt, but that sure as hell remember that they are entitled to a haircut upon demand.

They forget that you can't threaten the life of an officer, but they sure remember that the same officer can't curse them out.

They forget that you cannot possess a bag of marijuana in a correctional facility, but will be the first to cry foul when an officer smokes at a non-smoking facility.

They want property receipts for stolen property that staff confiscates.

Baby inmates first words: "I want a grievance."

Those black robed activist that are called judges need to be castrated so they do not contaminate the world with their genetic material.

Got To Walk In Something

Ok, quick review of my background. Military, Corrections, and Law Enforcement. During this time, I have acquired a taste for boots, and I have a personal preference for what looks good, as well as what is comfortable/durable.

For a combination of comfort, durability, and looking damn good, nothing beats a pair of Corcoran Jump Boots (Model 1500). I wear these on the job, and almost all of the time, I have them in a high state of shine. You might say I am one of the few straight men who see the value of highly shined footware.

I have a modest collection of boots to include Corcoran 1500's, Corcoran 1525's, Corcoran Machs, and my first pair of Justins. For strictly comfort, I also own a set of Bates Ultralight Extremes, and 511 ATACs. They do not shine as much, but they are not dull either.

For polishing, I use Angelus and Lincoln paste polishes. For conditioning, I use Huberd's Shoe Grease, and Obenauf's LP.

Now many officers at work use the facility bootblack to polish their boots. Not me. I sort of have a problem handing over my $100+ boots to a felon to work on without my presence. I do my own work, thank you.

Boots I plan to get:

>Corcoran Historical Brown Jumpboots;

>Justin 3170's;

>Grinders 20 Hole Ranger Boots;

>Wesco Combat Boots;

>Russell Imperial Riders;

Wesco Motor Patrol Boots.

Paper Punching

Everyone has a hobby. One of mine includes shooting an collecting firearms. As someone who has been doing it awhile, I have my favorites like other shooters. Now I am still operating without a digital camera, so I got some generic images to illustrate my favorites.

Being a basic type of man, one of my favorites include a Springfield Armoury 1911A1, Caliber .45 ACP.

Beretta Model 96, Caliber .40 S&W

Glock 22C, Caliber .40 S&W.

Glock 27, Caliber .40 S&W.

Bushmaster M-15 A2, Caliber 5.56mm.

Bushmaster M-4, Caliber 5.56mm.

Now do not get me wrong, I LOVE guns, but these just happen to be my favorites. My eyesight sucks, so I leave the long range stuff for those who have the ability.

Now if I ever win the lottery (once I actually start playing it), I would like one of these:

I do have a realistic wish list.

>Beretta 90 Two in .40 S&W

>Glock 21 in .45 ACP

>Any rifle by Bushmaster because I can't get enough of those black beasts

>AK just to say I have one.