05 March 2009

Great Feminazis Of The Past 2.0

Elizabeth Volkenrath

Elizabeth (or Elisabeth) Volkenrath was an SS supervisor at several concentration camps during World War II. She trained under SS supervisor Dorothea Binz at Ravensbruck, and in 1943 went to Auschwitz Birkenau as an Aufseherin. There she took part in selections and abuse. In November 1944, she was promoted to SS Oberaufseherin and oversaw three hangings. She later went to Bergen Belsen as supervising wardress and did nothing for the conditions there.

In April 1945 she was arrested by the British Army and sent to prison. She eventually stood trial with Irma Grese and many other Nazi guards at the Belsen Trial. She was handed down a death sentence and was hanged on December 13, 1945, at Hameln by Albert Pierrepoint.

Robocop's Comment:

Again,for proving what a feminnazi with power can do. I hope her stay in Hell is not enjoyable.

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