27 January 2010

I Am Back

Sorry to everyone for being gone, but I have been, well, busy. Here is my life in a nut shell: I was down on major financial times, and only now could I afford to restore internet, and still feed and house my family. I switched jobs from, but remain in the same field. Instead of a Correctional Officer, I am now a Jailer. Same "customers", less job stress, and a little more money. It also feels better being a line officer, instead of a sergeant, but the old title follows me. Imagine my face walking into my pod for the first time, expecting the "new" officer test from the inmates when the first thing I hear is "What are you doing here Sarge?" Needless to say, the inmates did not test me.

Finances are so much better, I managed to get a new toy, a Glock 22 RTF2. SWEET!

Anyway, back to entertaining my friends, and annoying Libtards.

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