02 November 2007

Candidate Calculator

Here's something fun for yawl to do. The Candidate Calculator will measure how you stand on some issues, and give you a percentage match to a Presidential Candidate/Politician.

I had an 89.47% match to Representative Duncan Hunter (R)

My other top matches included:

Mitt Romney (R)-81.58%
Tom Tancredo (R)-78.95%
Mike Huckabee (R)-71.05%


The candidate I do want, Fred Thompson (R) was a 71.05% match.
Hillary Clinton(D) came in at a high 36.84%

Not Surprising:

My bottom of the barrel candidates were all Democrats.

John Edwards (D)-31.58%
Barrack Obama (D)-21.05%
Dennis Kucinich (D)- 15.79%
Mike Gravel (D)-13.16%



Crown Princess said...

thanks for the comment.... BTW, tag ur it....

loved this post, it was something interesting, since i am not very political it gave me a lil idea where i stand...thanks

Debs said...

California Representative Duncan Hunter (R)
59.46% match

GAG. Am I really a R? Are you sure?

Then why we argue over politics?

Oh we argue for the fun of it. :P

:D Gotta love me :D :P

James Shott said...

Interesting, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Robocop said...

Not a problem. You have a cool site. Thanks for visiting mine.