24 June 2008

Texas and New York-Personal Observation

Earlier this month, I went for a long overdue visit to my home state of New York. Besides catching up with the family, and friends I have down there, I made a few personal observations regarding how those two states contrast.

These observations were unaided by the news media, talk show hosts, or political junk mail. This is not scientific, but just things seen personally.

>Both Texans and New Yorkers that I interacted with bitch about the state budget.

>Most Texans hate their governor, including myself, for being an inept, ass-kissing son of a bitch. Most New Yorkers I have talked to have some hope for their new governor because he is the new replacement. Side Joke: How do you slow down a New York prostitute? Put a governor on her.

>Many Texans are spiritual. This is, after all, the "Bible Belt". There is some spiritual growth in New York. I was surprised as hell to see a Southern Baptist Church in Liverpool, New York.

>New York hotdogs and coneys RULE!! Especially Hoffman's. No comment on Texas hotdogs.

>See above comment regarding pizza.

>Texas gun laws are still superior to those of New York. It saddened me walk into a New York gun store, and see the neutered Clintonian style AR style rifles, and low capacity magazines on the shelves. And you still need a permit just to OWN a handgun in New York. Texas allows Class III toys. (To all you shooters who will vote for Obama, please take note)

>Texas self defense laws are superior to those of New York. My New York friends still whine about the "duty to retreat" as opposed to Texas' "Castle Doctrine."

>New York labor laws and protections KILL most of Texas labor policies. Whoever invented the Texas "Free To Work" concept needs to overdose on viagra while locked in a sheep pen. To those who do not know, "Free To Work" means employers can fire you for any or no reason whatsoever. The officer who did my field training in New York was fired three times. Texas also does NOT require a break for employees, something I have seen employers take FULL advantage of.

>Both Texas and New York have an agency that oversees rental properties. But it is the New York agency that actually makes an effort to combat substandard living conditions. In Texas, money really talks. (I hope the Barker Family in Weatherford,Texas is reading this.)

>Texas has Mexican illegal aliens who think we owe them something. New York as every other illegal alien who thinks we owe them something.

>In New York, the affluent really run things. Texans call this system of government the "Good Ole Boy" system. Both states have this.

>Texas teachers bitch about there mere 25K salary. New York Teachers bitch about there mere 53K salary.

>New York has a State income tax. Texas has "service fees". Both rob you blind.

>New York is closing two prisons. Texas prisons are overcrowded. This is because you have to commit a harmful crime to get locked up in New York. In Texas, all you have to do is refuse to sell land to a judge, or divorce a cop's cousin.

>New York civil service workers are actually paid for what they do. Yes, the cost of living is higher, but what they do not mention is that you still have disposable income after all the bills are cleared. Texas is strictly living paycheck to paycheck.

Would I move back to New York? ONLY if they eliminated their gun laws, and went alittle to the Right. Besides that, it is a nicer place to live than my part of Texas. I'd raise my children in Central New York anytime. Not so sure about Texas. Believe it, THIS Conservative is actually thinking of willingly moving to the state that elected Clinton as their Senator. Texas is really starting to suck THAT badly.

Well, sorry for what qualifies as a rant.

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