13 November 2008

Hate Crime By The Fruits

Cross-Bearing Elderly Woman Attacked by Gay Marriage Supporters, May Press Charges

An elderly woman bearing a cross who attended a gay marriage protest to voice her support of the California ban was attacked by demonstrators and may now press charges.

Carrying a large, Styrofoam cross, 69-year-old Phyllis Burgess showed up at a rally last Friday against Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage that was passed on Election Day in California.

She was there to show her belief in traditional marriage, she said.

Within minutes, however, angry protesters swarmed around the Palm Springs resident, yanked the cross from her hands and trampled on it.

The incident was videotaped and posted on YouTube.

Now, Burgess says she might press assault charges, according to The Desert Sun.

“I guess I didn’t see the gravity of the whole thing and how it was being portrayed to the public,” Burgess told the paper. “People are incensed. They seem to want some kind of justice.”

Palm Springs police have made no arrests yet, but said they spent time Sunday trying to convince Burgess to file charges against some of the demonstrators.

Robocop's Comment:

I guess these freaks are only passive when it is convenient. If the world was right, the Feds would process this as a hate crime. Too bad the world is not right.


Debbie said...

What if she was an elderly Black woman and was roughed up by white men?

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

TexasFred said...

It is NOT out of the question to shoot the faggots you know!!

Just stand back a bit, you do NOT want to be in the *splatter* area, they will likely be infected...

kitten said...

You are right, this world isn't!!!!
Great post!
Sorry have much visit time lately that is the reason for my little virtual gift. Here is the link.
Hope all is well & you have a blessed week end!

Robocop said...

Fred, you know we have to be PC these days. You don't go around shooting faggots. You perforate the gender confused.