13 November 2008

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Star Telegram

HUNTSVILLE — A contrite Houston-area man was executed Wednesday for killing the 16-year-old sister of his estranged girlfriend during an attack that wounded a third sister, then 5, and the sisters’ mother.

George Whitaker III, 37, expressed love to family members and asked for forgiveness.

"I apologize for your pain and suffering," he said, mentioning the parents of his victim, Shakeitha Carrier, by name. None of her relatives were present.

Whitaker asked that the Lord give them strength, adding, "I pray, Lord, please forgive me."

He asked his stepfather, brother and a friend who watched through a window to take care of his two daughters.

"Continue to pray for me. I am fine. I’ve made peace with God. Please don’t ever forget me," he said.

As the lethal drugs began flowing, Whitaker said: "Take care. I’m going on to sleep." He was pronounced dead at 6:15 p.m.

Whitaker had exhausted his appeals and also lost a clemency bid before the state parole board, clearing the way for him to become the 16th Texas prisoner executed this year.

Whitaker declined to speak with reporters as his execution date neared.

Tonight, Denard Manns, 42, is to be executed for killing Michelle Robson, 26, a Fort Hood soldier, in 1998 at her apartment in Killeen. Manns was on parole from New York after serving nearly six years of a five- to 10-year term for armed robbery.

Robocop's Comment:

You two have a nice time...in HELL.

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Pamela said...

I appreciated that the first one asked for forgiveness.