21 January 2009

What They Didn't Tell You Today


Are gun owners going to be a high priority target for the Obama administration?

Jim Shepard, who writes the Shooting Wire, says:

"Democratic insiders are telling us the firearms industry will be used as an object lesson to both sides of the aisle.

To the left, it's the always-popular smackdown of a group of right-wing loonies (that's you and me, by the way) who want gunfights on the streets of our hometowns.

To the right, it will represent a little payback for the rhetoric that was taken very personally by the incoming administration. In other words, a little taste of the whip should keep both sides nicely in line."

We don't know yet what the Obama administration has in store for us, but as Shepard reminds us, it's a matter of "when," not "if," the Second Amendment is going to come under attack. I know you're ready to defend your firearms freedom, but if you know a gun owner who's not yet a member of the NRA, get them to join. We need to be as strong as possible in 2009 in order to fight these attempts to restrict your constitutional rights.

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