07 February 2008

Mitt Romney Is Done.

Mitt Romney dropped out of the Presidential Race. No big loss there, but the front runner, John McCain is not much better. God help us.


Kaytabug said...

Why oh why did he thrown in the towel, I know the guy was behind but he was such a better pick than McCain.

I remember back when you were with Fred...I thought Huckabee had a worse chance at getting the nom than Romney. I think McCain getting the Repub nom is inevitable.

Where will that leave you?
This is just so interesting to me. You are not the only Repub to be upset with the way things are looking for your party.
I apologize if I just wrongly assumed that you are a Republican. If you aren't you know what that makes me?!! ;)

Robocop said...

I still won't sit on the sidelines for this, or any other election.

For now, I remain a Republican, until a more viable Conservative Party is established.

Cathy said...

we certainly dont need recent history to repeat itself. you know, Bush, Clinton.....Bush, Clinton! We need something new.