09 February 2008

Neighborhood Watch Done Right

Dallas Rape Suspect Beaten, Shot In Melee

A mob turned the tables on a man accused of raping a mother at knifepoint in her Red Bird-area apartment with her children present, authorities said.

The 26-year-old man, who had not been identified, was undergoing surgery Friday afternoon after being beaten with a baseball bat and shot at least twice, apparently once in the head.

"I would have to say this is unusual," Lt. Sally Lannom, commander of the assaults unit for the Dallas police, said of the melee. "It is outside the norm."

The mother, who didn't know her attacker, was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Her condition was unknown.

At the apartment complex, only one woman was willing to talk about what happened.

"He got what he deserved," Sharon Ivy said. "You don't go into [a] house ... do things to [a] momma and think it's all right. That was just a community watch."

According to police, the man forced his way into the 22-year-old woman's unlocked apartment in the 1400 block of West Wheatland Road around noon. Five children, some of whom belonged to the woman, were in the apartment at the time, police said.

"The suspect forced her into the bedroom and started tearing her clothes off," Lt. Lannom said. He then sexually assaulted her, police said.

Some of the children fled the apartment as the assault was going on, police said. When the man laid down the knife and began getting dressed, the woman ran out of her apartment to tell her boyfriend, who was in the parking lot with several friends, police said.

"She told him what was going on," Lt. Lannom said. He and his friends confronted the suspect in the apartment and a fight ensued, she said.

Police said the fight spilled out into the parking lot, with an unknown number of people taking part in the melee.

The suspect eventually broke free and ran into another apartment, where he was shot. He did not live in that apartment, but it may belong to a relative, police said.

The melee that followed the assault was under investigation, and it was unclear Friday whether charges would be filed.

Robocop's Comment:

Now, I am not "condoning" what spinless jellyfish would call vigilanteism. All I am saying is that I appreciate civic minded folk who look out for their friends and neighbors, and apply "reasonable" force where it is needed to keep the scum of the earth at bay. This may not be a deterrent for those sexual deviants, but it sure feels good to see that justice is not dead. I only have two problems with this event. 1) There is an importance to emphasize shot placement. The suspect was only wounded. 2) When has a mob lost the ability to beat a man to death?


Sandy said...

Makes you proud to be a Texan, it does. I had an arms instructor once who stressed that department policy was to "shoot to stop". He also pointed out that dead is the ultimate stop.

Robocop said...

"Shooting to stop" is the official phrase you would use in court, or a shooting board. Using the phrase "Shooting to kill" would just cause the lawyers to salivate.

And yes, dead is the ultimate stop**LOL**

Fianna said...

Amen. If some pansy ass Grand Jury indicts someone other than the scumbag, I will lose all faith in Texas.

wolfbaby said...

I tend to agree with you... now couldn't some of these civic minded folks do the same to those jerks who hurt babies?