06 February 2008

Douche Of The Week 02.06.08

Winner: Code Pink


>They are the primary instigators in the BERKELEY, Ca Marine situation;

>When the Iraqi city of Fallujah was still a terrorist haven, they donated $600,000 to the OTHER SIDE! Humanitarian aid my ass.;

>They get away with calling OUR servicemen traitors;

>Their founder, Medea Susan Benjamin, is a hardcore communist, remember the people we fought in the Cold War?;

>They are sympathetic to the terrorist held at Gitmo;

>They taunted our wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center;

>More stupid shit.

For giving the pro-choice movement a real reason to exist, Code Pink steals the title "Douche Of The Week".


Debs said...

If they hate America so darn bad then they should get the hell out of our country. Let them go and live in one of the middle eastern countries, where women are beneath camel poop.

Fianna said...

Wow. Can we begin the nominations for Douche of the Year? Or maybe they can just be given the title. The pic makes me nauseous.