06 August 2008

Another Potential MiG Customer

Chavez: Russian Jets Can Repel Attack on Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says 24 Sukhoi fighter jets have been delivered to Venezuela — and are ready to defend his country from "imperialist" aggressions.

Chavez claims the U.S. Navy's Fourth Fleet poses a threat to Venezuela, and he's vowing to push forward with a multibillion-dollar arms buildup aimed at dissuading a possible U.S. military strike.

"They're for defensive purposes, we're not going to attack anybody," Chavez said Sunday of the Russian-made jets.

The Fourth Fleet was active during World War II but was dissolved in 1950. The U.S. Navy announced it would re-establish the fleet to direct naval forces in the Caribbean and Latin America.

U.S. officials deny Washington has designs on Venezuela.

Robocop's Comment:

Other famous users for Russian military aircraft in wartime:

Saddam Hussein-Pre-allied Iraq
Momar Kadafi- Libya
North Korea

What they have in common? They ALL got PWNED.

Keep talking shit Chavez.


Fianna said...

Chavez and Crazy Joe over in Iran.... Let's get out of Iraq and go after some dictators. Chasing mice is more fun than playing Sims.

Pamela said...

defend against imperialist aggression.

looks like Yoda, talks like yoda.
But hugo, you ain't no yoda.