14 August 2008

Give To The United Illegal Alien...

Illegal Immigrant Bond Fund Kicks Off Fund Raising Campaign

Illegal immigrants arrested in workplace raids can now access a fund to help them post bond.

The National Immigrant Bond Fund launched its national debut and fundraising campaign on Monday. Founder Bob Hildreth said Monday the goal is to raise $500,000.

Through the fund, illegal immigrants arrested in raids who do not have any outstanding criminal violations can apply for financial assistance. Churches, legal organizations or community groups help facilitate their requests. The fund provides half the bail money and immigrants must pony up the rest.

The fund has already been tapped into following a few raids, including one in Annapolis on June 30.

The fund was formalized three months ago. Hildreth says it's helped bail out about 100 people so far, and all of those cases are pending.

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