16 September 2008

Media Bias Backlash

Editorial from the Washington Times.

It seems that a majority of voters perceive the media is slanted in favor of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. As a result, we are in the midst of a voter backlash against the media.

The issue has come to the fore over the selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. In a Rasmussen poll published Sept. 4, 51 percent of respondents said that reporters are trying to damage Mrs. Palin's reputation with their news coverage. Twenty-four percent said that negative stories about Mrs. Palin made them more likely to vote for John McCain in November.

Us Weekly magazine came under scrutiny for their latest cover story "Babies, Lies and Scandal," as critics argue it is a gross mischaracterization of Mrs. Palin. This, in contrast to a June 17 cover story headlined "Michelle Obama: Why Barack Loves Her." Even Oprah Winfrey has been accused of bias for not interviewing Mrs. Palin on her show, even though she has had Mr. Obama on as a guest - prior to his official campaign for the presidency - in 2005 and 2006. Mrs. Winfrey has also campaigned for Mr. Obama.

The national news networks have also come under fire repeatedly for biased reporting with a liberal slant. In June, the former anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News Tom Brokaw chastised the press for insisting that Hillary Clinton exit from the Democratic primary. He referred to the news coverage as "inappropriate" and "commentary disguised as reporting." At a panel in Denver, sponsored by the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics, and Public Policy, Mr. Brokaw said that MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann demonstrated bias in their election reporting: "I think Keith has gone too far. I think Chris has gone too far."

MSNBC network executives at last responded to the drumbeat of criticism they have received. This week, the network announced that Messrs. Olbermann and Matthews will no longer be co-anchors of political-night coverage; they will be replaced by NBC News correspondent David Gregory. Messrs. Olbermann and Matthews will remain commentators.

The McCain campaign has long criticized media bias. In June, a New York Times report alleging Mr. McCain's ties with lobbyists was denounced as a hit piece. There was also outrage among McCain supporters when the New York Times published a July 14 op-ed on Iraq written by Mr. Obama but disqualified Mr. McCain's op-ed for failing to meet its standards. The public was not amused.

One upshot to all this is that many Americans are turning to "new media" - the Internet - for more information without the bias. Once the subject of debate and inquiry: Does liberal media bias really exist? It is now recognized by a majority of Americans as an established fact.

Robocop's Comment:

Media bias? No shit. I am glad the general public is starting to realize this. That gives more people a reason to visit blogs like this one. Thank you left wing media.


Chicago Ray said...

This is a good article and post, It's about time Americans woke up to the shaft they've been given. Just think of all the influence these damn liberal news people have had until the advent of the internet.

Thank the lord above for Bill Gates and all the other geniuses that brou9ght us the internet to stop this stranglehold of information we we're under for 100 years

Ps I added your blog to my blogroll this am. :+:

{i}Post said...

Totally bias. And liberal Hollywood makes me gag. Why do all of the "stars" have verbal diarrhea when it comes to politics? It is enough to make one want to move to India for goodness sake.

Chicago Ray said...

They're going mental this time around without a doubt, Lindsay Lesbo Lohan the latest foot in mouth bimbo to jump on the brainless millionaires club.

Woman are by far not the only offenders but since Sarah Palin's nomination the so called Feminazi's have gone goosestepping mad in their viscous attacks on this real American success story, accomplished professional woman and wonderful wife and mother.

She makes every single femenist look like the ugly jealous miserable unwanted skan** that they truly are and always will be.

They absolutely hate women like Palin because they can never nor never will be half as loved and fulfilled as she has been and will be. No men would have them as wives or mothers and they take it out on the lovely ladies around the count7ry that are loved and cherished as mothers wives, and this just makes these vindictive beasts apoplectic.

Sorry to be so blunt but these so called women have me raging this past week or two..

Robocop said...

It wasn't the views of the feminazis that made them ugly, it was nature. I remember bumping into them on campus many years ago, and they have just gotten worse.

Chicago Ray said...

They can be a scary bunch when riled up, like a hornets nest . It's sad to characterize like that so neanderthal like(my word)but it' s really the truth.

They're just a jealous bunch that get left out of everything for one reason or another so they create their own crisis' and garner attention in an anti social way, my armchair analysis at least.

Debs said...

Ditto to what was already said.

I am proud to say I am a mother and a wife. I am very proud to raise beautiful and great kids. Somewhat rare these days. I feel there is extreme jealously from the Feminist out there.

In general I am looked down upon because I choose to raise my kids and not have a daycare do it for me. I have had several people say to me, Oh, you don't work. EXCUSE me, but I work. I put in many hours a day on my feet. My pay is not in cash, but something much bigger and more important. ;)

I don't care what "Hollyweird" has to say, they don't speak for me. As soon as "Bradgelina" gives a hoot about my life, I might give a hoot about theirs.

Chicago Ray said...

And we're all damn proud of you and women like you Debs, and believe me when i say there are millions upon billions of men out there who appreciate and value the work and total effort real women put out every single day from cradle to grave for their loved ones.

Motherhood is without a doubt the most important and undervalued job in the world, and liberal women just wizz on it like they do everything else because as I said most of them are social misfits and nobody wants em, that's why so many of them change teams and switch hit. Real Men want nothing to do with most of them, nothing.

Comes from crappy parenting from their parents and they just carry on the tradition or just eschew it all together. Screw em all I say.