23 September 2008

Robocop and the News 09.23.08

Scanning the news can be frustrating,and joyful at times. Let's give it a try:

>Gunman opens fire in Finnish school

The Finnish prime minister says a gunman who killed 9 people at a school in western Finland was a student there.

Looks like another case of a school out cast venting his frustration on his school. Finland can do an Australia and overreact with draconian gun laws, or they can pull a Texas, and have some teachers start packing in school. Only time will tell.

>Russia Sends Warships to Caribbean, a First Since Cold War

This is just for "temporary" excercises, right? Because if this becomes permanent, I see two things happening: The Fourth Fleet will actually have to contain actual warships,and I could see a permanent Baltic Fleet in the works, if we have a brain.

>Judge Orders Victim to Pay Back Thief

See my surprised look? Nope. Activist judges are as big of a threat to society as pedophiles.

>Those behind market crisis should be punished: Sarkozy

I have never thought I would ever agree with the French. And what is up with this $700 Billion bailout? None of these companies would give me a pot to piss in if I was down and out. Now we are saving there asses with OUR tax money. We are supposed to have a free market economy, not interventionists. Let the weak fall. Yes,a market crash would hurt, but right now, as my wife says, wear are putting a band aide on a bleeding artery. The big picture? Bailouts only encourage risky investment, knowing that big brother will save the day in the case of failure.

>Fifth Grader Suspended For Wearing Anti-Obama Shirt

After I saw all the Libtard crap worn around the schools in my day,I find this double standard distressing. I guess the shirt did not jive with the local teachers union. On a good note, Colorado is not under the sphere of the Ninth Circuit Court.

>Woman on Respirator Dies After Power Company Cuts Electricity

A coroner’s report released Tuesday attributed the New Zealand woman’s death to the cessation of her oxygen machine and the related stress.

I am sure there will be a special place in hell for that billing department.

>Obama struggling to win over Clinton voters

No shit? I guess making deals with Democratic Party leaders behind closed doors to screw over Hillary kind of pissed people off.

>Activist admits keying Hummers in Southlake

SOUTHLAKE - A 72-year-old man caught on camera keying a teen's Hummer admitted to police it wasn't his first time.

James Jeppe said he has keyed four other Hummers over the last four months, according to an arrest warrant.

Environmental concerns were cited by Jeppe as the reason he targeted the vehicles. He said the trucks leave a large carbon foot print and use too much gas.


Jeppe drives a 14-year-old BMW, which New 8 discovered gets only a mile or two more per gallon than the Hummer he criticized.

Another case of Libtard hypocrisy. Keying a person's car is like slapping them in the face. All the Hummer owners he victimized should be given the opportunity to key HIS car at the same time.

Now for your entertainment, a statement from our GREATEST President on immigration:

Well,that's my rant,for now.

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Fianna said...

I am loving your comments on the craziness that is our world right now. Keep it up.

And um...the Obama Townhall meeting counter. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.