16 April 2010

Ranting The News

Why does opening a news page have to contribute to a migraine? Because the Libtards are mostly running things for now. How does reading the news contribute to a migraine? Let's see..

>"Judge: Prayer day violates U.S. law"

This story from the Washington Times give another example of another judicial activist who has no clue about interpreting the US Constitution. The only good news is that this ruling does not affect the whole country, and it is open to appeal to the highest court in the land.

>"Critics Slam Decision to Name Navy Ship for John Murtha"

Remember that defeatist senator who calls our men and women in uniform war criminals? The US navy is naming a warship after him. This is akin to naming a battered woman's shelter after Ike Turner. This is like naming an elementary school after Michael Jackson. They say critics are slamming this decision. Add me to this list. I slam thee.

>"Tenn. city elects dead man mayor"

If this does not exemplify voters' protest, nothing will.

>Marine Says He'll Continue to Post on Tea Party Facebook Page

We are lenient on deserters, we can lay off a Marine with an HONEST opinion. Enough said.

>"Police: Voices told man to kill pregnant wife, nieces and son"

I hear voices in me head, and the majority opinion involves either a rope, or a firing squad.

Well, enough of the migraines for now.

Now for encouraging events on Tax Day 2010:

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Debs said...

News is one of the many things that causes me to have a migraine anymore. I can escape some of the news....I just can't escape from everything that causes me a headache.