27 April 2010

Sandwich Shop Sign Turning Heads

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- The owner of Angie's Subs in Jacksonville Beach turned many heads with a sign posted outside the business.

The marquee outside the sandwich shop read the owner is a "Bible thumpin', gun totin' capitalist pig."

Ed Malin said he has had many people asking questions about the sign. He said he got the idea from attending a local tea party rally last week. He said he is a fiscal conservative who could probably agree with President Barack Obama on many levels. He said, however, he does not agree with the direction politicians are taking the country.

"I figured out my taxes, and 65 percent of my income was going to some taxing district," he said. " Federal, state, local, 65 percent! That's not America. That's not why I work 90 hours a week."

Malin said he has been changing the sign almost every day in the past 11 years. He said he has never had so many responses about a sign since he put the quote up last week. There are some who agree, and some who do not.

"I think he went a bit too far," one customer said.

"I pulled my car up and I went, 'Yes! The truth!' The truth will set you free," said John Tipton, a longtime shop customer.

Malin said he's sure some people would not come to the shop because of the sign.

"Oh well, I lost some customers," he said. "I also gained some customers. I maybe doing the wrong thing, but we'll see."

Malin said he's changing the sign Tuesday for an employee's birthday announcement. He said, however, he will put the quote back up as soon as the night is over.

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