15 April 2010

Royal Douche 04.15.10

Jason Levin

The first Royal Douche Award goes to Jason Levin a middle school teacher in Oregon. Instead of debating the issues with the growing Tea Party movement, he is taking a typical libtarded approach. Instead of teaching our kids properly, he is putting much of his energy to disrupt the Tea Party movement as opposed to debating them like a man. He even had the energy to come up with a website called "Crash the Tea Party". It encourages those libtards opposed to the ideas of the Constitution to join the Tea Party organization, and act stupid in an effort to give the movement a bad reputation. I would call this juvenile, except that would place him in the same category as my own kids, which he is not. For this, he has earned the title Royal Douche.

1 comment:

Debs said...

He looks like a jerk...and I know jerks.