05 May 2010

More Wisdom From Bloomberg The Royal Douche

We have already seen in my LAST POST how big of an idiot Mayor Bloomberg of NYC was trying to tie the Times Square car bombing attempt with right winged extremists. Of course, time revealed that he was dead wrong. The terrorist turned out to be an Islamofacist. America invited him, and the rest of his Libtard friends to eat those words of hate towards fellow Americans. But now, instead of admitting his libtardism, Bloomberg calls out for more GUN CONTROL. By the way Mr. Bloomberg, it is already illegal to sell firearms to criminals, and terrorists just happen to fit that bill. Also by the way, your persistent stupidity has earned you the Royal Douche Award. Congrats!

1 comment:

Debs said...

That is the problem with people like him. They can't read. Therefore they don't know the laws are already in place.