24 May 2010

Royal Douche Award 05.24.10

The Winner: President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa of Mexico.

: For coming to OUR country, talking smack about OUR laws that crack down on HIS people for sneaking into OUR country. For keeping Mexico a shit hole, thereby causing HIS people to sneak into OUR country. Funny thing is Mexico's own laws ban foreign interference into their affairs, yet his government interferes with OUR affair on a daily basis. In short, he is a hypocrite of the highest order. Senior Calderone, tu eres un douche royal.

RUNNER UP: Barrack Hussein Obama.

The Reason: Letting a foreign leader talk smack about one of our states on our land. He may not like Arizona's law, but Obama is supposed to represent us. How could he do that by letting world leaders into our soil to talk smack without putting said foreign leader in his place? The truth is that Obama DOES NOT REPRESENT US, in thought or deed. For this, and countless other reasons, Obama is a Royal Douche.

1 comment:

Debs said...

Our Prez walks on foreign soil and bows down to a thug. He lets a thug come to our Land and spout off his trashy ways. IF we do all that they want...we will soon be Mexico, then what? No more free hand outs to the lazy F-Tards.

Just sayin'.