08 May 2010

A Renewed Call For Open-Carry In Texas


A vote in Oklahoma is expected to renew the push here in Texas for an open-carry law.
It's unclear whether the governor of Oklahoma will sign off, but yesterday the state house voted overwhelmingly to approve allowing gun owners with permits to openly carry their weapons in public. There's been a movement for years here in Texas for the state's conceal carry law to be changed to allow licensed owners to carry handguns in plain sight, but it's always faced opposition from those who believe allowing it would be intimidating to those who don't own guns. Others worry the wrong people could wrestle away a person's gun. But, thousands in Texas have signed a petition aimed at pushing lawmakers to allow law-abiding citizens to carry their guns in plain sight. The debate will no doubt heat up ahead of the next legislative session here in Texas in January.


Anonymous said...

I'm also a Christian, a conservative, and a gun owner.

As for your site, I can agree with many of the ideas. However, your delivery is rough and "provoking", rather than "thought provoking".

Is your objective to "take your reader on", or is it to convince them of your ways through logical persuasion. Think about that.

Also, I thought it was odd that you list your astrological and zodiac information a part of your profile... given who you say you are in the opening sentence of your blog.

Robocop said...

Thank you for the visit and advice which I will take under consideration. Every day is a learning experience. The zodiac reference was for entertainment use only since Christians are allowed to have some fun. It was not a profession of some twisted faith. I do agree that I can be rough at times, but I view this as a necessity in lieu of the M.O. the other side usually takes. It is also my intention to entertain as well as inform. Not everyone eats dry white toast. Please visit more, and God Bless You, whoever you are.