05 September 2007

Douche Of The Month August 2007

This was a hard one, because all of last month's candidates piss me off in their own way.

The Inmates of the Mineral Wells Pre-Parole Transfer Facility are just that, inmates, and they'll always piss me off.

Michael Vick is way overplayed in the press, so I think he'll get his ultimate award in the next life.

FEMA is just part of the problem with incompetent bureaucracy. Democrat, Republican, "Independent", they all contribute to the problem. I do not have enough finger muscles to post the Federal Government for a douche award.

Which brings us to A. Whitney Brown. Remember his "satire" video?

I have been a civilian for over 16 years now, and he still pisses me off just by existing.

For being a dick to our warriors, A. Whitney Brown can proudly call himself Auguist, 2007;s Douche Of The Month.

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