30 September 2007

Douche Of The Month September, 2007

Many people pissed me off this month. The trick is to keep the lingering pissed off feeling in me in order to earn the title "Douche Of The Month".

Paul Schmidtke was the Douche Of The Week who had his kid live outside for a few days. Yes, he is a Douche for doing this, but this could be possibly a case of tough love gone bad.

Alysha Green was the Douche who lit her three little girls on fire, killing one of them. This will be nothing a fatal I.V. could not fix, and this will happen.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the Douche Iranian President who came to OUR country, attempted to step on the sacred ground called Ground Zero, and ended up speaking at one of our finest schools spitting out bullshit about human rights when his country is one of the top offenders when it comes to this issue. But you wanna know something? THIS is his role. The Islamic Republic Of Iran is supposed to say "Death To America", and "Death To Israel". Cock roaches craw around, and spread disease because it is this role.

This brings us to the 9/11 Conspirists who came from OUR OWN LAND, and continue to undermind OUR WAR EFFORT by spreading the bullshit that WE KNOCKED DOWN OUR OWN BUILDINGS. Nothing pisses me off more than a friend, or family member who turns on you. This creates the ultimate douche. For being the ultimate douche, the 9/11 Conspirists earn September, 2007's "Douche Of The Month".

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