29 September 2007

Things To Buy Before I Die

I have mentioned on one or two occasions that I am an avid shooter and gun collector. With this in mind, I think I will break the routine of wish lists involving cars, clothing, etc.. by posting my current firearms wish list. I might not get all of these toys now, but someday, I will, oh yes, I will....


Since I am a left handed pistol shooter, it came to no surprise to people when I became enamoured with the handguns of the oldest gunmaker in the world, Pietro Beretta. They were one of the first companies to cater to us southpaws. My military experience with their product was good. Now models come and go, to my misfortune, but I have been attracted to two offerings by this Italian firm.

The Beretta Px4 Storm seems to fit my hand better than the 96 I have grown to like, and it comes chambered in .40S&W, which means when it speaks, bad guys will listen.

The Beretta 90-TWO seems to be an update of the 92/96 family of pistols that I like. I want one of these out of principal.

Now when I started working for various departments in corrections, and law enforcement, it is impossible to avoid the Glock pistol, which equips most of the departments in this country. With some resistance, I not only became used to the Glock pistols, but I like them as much as Berettas.

I already have a Glock 22C, a compensated/full sized pistol in .40 S&W. Problem, my wife likes it too, so I am getting another one someday. I have never had one jam on me, and my range scores convince me that this it almost the perfect pistol.

Now for one job, I had to carry a Glock 21, which is a full size pistol in .45ACP. Great pistol, traditional caliber. I want the compensated version, the Glock 21C.

Now Texas summers preclude the ability to carry a full sized pistol without freaking out the liberal nut jobs out there, so in this case, smaller is better. The Glock 27 is not only very small, but it packs .40S&W pills.

The Glock 35, very large, compensated, and .40 caliber. Why would I want this? Just because.

Sometimes, it is good to go back to basics. There is nothing more basic than a revolver chambered in .38 Special. Simple to operate, accurate, not to mention my daughter wants to learn to shoot one. The Smith and Wesson Model 64 with a 4" barrel fits the bill nicely.

Since we are on the subject of Smith and Wesson, I am very curious about the M&P chambered for .40 S&W.

Nothing completes a defensive handgun wish list than a variant of John M. Browning's 1911A1 in .45ACP. Colt originally made these works of art, but Colt is now shit when it comes to value. Enter the Kimber Warrior. Made in USA, .45ACP, and ambidexterous controls. I want this winner.


My eyes suck when it comes to distance, so I must settle with medium range rifles for my wish list.

The Ar-15/M-16 family of rifles has a permanent place in my heart, not only because it was the first type of gun my father got me, but because of military experience, and overall enjoyment of Eugene Stoner's invention.

Bushmaster Arms of Main gives me nothing but good times with this design. I will have both the A-2 and A-3 variants ot their 20" rifles chambered for 5.56mm.

Another "just because" item I want would be a Bushmaster 16" Carbine with a folding stock.

Finally, for my wish list, is a more powerful "just because" item called the DSA SA58 Carbine. Packing 7.62mm NATO in a small package just screams attitude.

Everyone has a hobby. This one just happens to be one of mine.

Now someday, my wife, Debs, wants a Glock 23C, a medium sized Glock chambered in .40S&W. The compensator will help her with shot control.

On a final note, my daughter wants to shoot an AR-15 someday. I found an idea which would fit the bill, and I intend to build one of these someday.

I'll exect her to bring this to her dates.


wolfbaby said...

ok you my husband and my dad should all hang out seriously... my hubs would have said the same of our daughters... cept his was more along the lines of how do i buy a chasity belt? my dad taught me to shoot at an early age:0

Robocop said...

Many of us started early. I just hope the tradition stays alive.