06 September 2007

Git'R Done Fred

Fred Thompson ia finally in the '08 Presidential Race. I am now happy to state that there is a candidate I will actually back from the right side of the aisle.

Now, I will admit I do not agree with Mr. Thompson on all of the issues. But then again, there are NO candidates I would agree with on everything.

What I do not agree with:

>He is against Roe v. Wade. Personally, I think the world would be alot better if some people were not born;

>He voted yes on permanent trade relations with the People's Republic of China, you know, the nice people who brought us Kovorkian Brand Pet Food, and bad toys;

>He was against an increase in minimum wage, like we make enough already.

Now fortunately, my own pocket book does not dictate my passion for the country I have served, and I could always avoid bad dog food and deadly toys.

Now reasons I want this man at the Captain's Seat:

>He supports a Balanced Budget Amendment;

>He supports a ban on flag burning (as in the American Flag);

>He supports Truth In Sentencing for violent crimes. I have seen too many thugs paroled;

>He supports school vouchers, and Educational Savings Accounts;

>He supports a limit on foreign aid, let take care of our own with the money;

>This country was founded on the rights of the States, not a centralist powerhouse. Fred supports States Rights based on the Tenth Amendment;

>He supports term limits. Who needs a professional politician determining MY fate?;

>He is a strong supporter of Concealed Carry Legislation. I can protect my family anywhere we go.;

>He supports the brave souls in our military;

>He is against amnesty for those parasites called illegal aliens. My folks jumped through the hoops to enter this country, they can as well.;

>He supports low tax rates. We would get to keep our own money, yay!;

>He will not capitulate to the Islamist who give us the choice to convert to thier fucked up religion, or die.

So let the games begin!


Debs said...

I don't do politics.

I tagged you...so visit my glob and do it! :P

Ok pretty please do it. :P

Kaytabug said...

I will never find a candidate with all the same views on the issues as myself... but we must pick one... I need to wait until the field is narrowed down a little bit more before I pick the one I'm voting for... though I did like your reasons why you like Fred! Great visuals too!!

wolfbaby said...

the question i have is will he stick to what he says? that seems to be the big question with anyone.. will they stand by what they said when they are finally elected into office

Debs said...

Politicians .... they all lie and they all suck. The question is finding the one that sucks the least. That is hard decision. Now to wait and see who it narrows down to. *tick tock*

Debs said...

I don't know why you are down on Michael Moore. He is a brilliant film maker.




You know I am kidding right?

Ok if you really believe I feel that way...then I should tell you, I am really blond and I am super skinny. I got a new modeling contract.

Now you know I am lying. :D