06 October 2007

1 Out Of 5 Democrats Want Us To Lose The War


Nearly one out of every five Democrats thinks the world will be better off if America loses the war in Iraq, according to the FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll released Thursday.

The percentage of Democrats (19 percent) who believe that is nearly four times the number of Republicans (5 percent) who gave the same answer. Seven percent of independents said the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the war.

Click here for results of the poll.(pdf)

Overall, 11 percent of Americans think the world would be "better off" if the U.S. lost the war, and 73 percent disagree.

Opinion Dynamics Corp. conducted the national telephone poll of 900 registered voters for FOX News from Sept. 25 to Sept. 26. The poll has a 3-point margin of error.

Praying for Peace

Large majorities of Americans say they have said a prayer for soldiers serving in Iraq and for the war to end, while just over half say they have prayed for President Bush.

Most people — 87 percent — say they have said a prayer for the troops, and another 77 percent have prayed for the war in Iraq to end. A much smaller 54 percent majority of Americans say they have prayed for the president.

Among groups, Democrats (80 percent) and Republicans (76 percent) are about equally likely to say they have prayed for the war to end, and women (80 percent) are only slightly more likely than men (73 percent) to have done so.

Republicans (74 percent) are twice as likely as Democrats (37 percent) to have included the president in their prayers, while just over half (52 percent) of independents have prayed for Bush.

Appealing to a higher authority on behalf of the president does not appear to be influenced by gender, as about as many men (51 percent) as women (56 percent) say they have prayed for Bush.

"It’s interesting to see the parallel between overall voter sentiment toward the president and the relatively reduced likelihood to pray for him," says Ernest Paicopolos, principal of Opinion Dynamics. "It’s also striking to see a more than 30-point gap between prayer for the troops and prayer for the commander-in-chief of those same troops."

In general, more Republicans (64 percent) than Democrats (53 percent) and independents (48 percent) say they pray every day. Southerners (66 percent) are 20 percentage points more likely than those living in the Northeast (46 percent) to pray daily.

Overall, a 56 percent majority of Americans says they pray every day, including 64 percent of women and 47 percent of men.

Another 17 percent say they pray several times a week and 7 percent several times a month. Few Americans — 7 percent — say they never pray.

Ok, disagreeing with the war is one thing. Openly HOPING that we lose?!?!? This is a fucking travesty in the highest order. Those one out of five need to look at every combat veteran they see in the eye, and attempt to tell them this. They might as well give a donation to the Hajis while they are at it. The current congress might even make such a donation tax deductable. I hope to God that this fifth colomn mentality does not become the norm for all the Democrats. I have a few as friends, and I hope they do not subcribe to this idea. What the hell has the left come down to? This makes me sick. This makes me almost ashamed that I fought to give them the right to come up with this bullshit. Sorry to all my Liberal friends, but this slightly struck a nerve.

BTW: This is post number 50. WooHoo!


Kaytabug said...

Hey I am kind of a Dem and kind of a Lib but I would NEVER hope that we loose the war. I may not agree...but I would never hope for failure.

Robocop said...

I never thought you would have been one of "them"**LOL**

dawn said...

Not being American, it is probably not my place to say it, but I agree with you whole heartily. It is a travesty when people in a free country hope their country loses. In the old days, they would have been brought up on charges of treason, but wait, someone fought for their freedom of opinion.

Robocop said...

It is very ironic. Not sure if it was an honor to fight in order to give someone the right to kick me in the junk. It is a vicious circle I guess**LOL**

Debs said...

The Dem/Libs I know do NOT want us to fail. But there are some "strange" people out there. :S

Robocop said...

I had to deal with those "strange people" when I was in college. That was during the Cold War. They were the "better red than dead" crowd.