31 October 2007

Douche Of The Month 10.2007

Due to time constraints this month, there were only three candidates for October 2007's Douche Of The Month.

GEORGE W. BUSH was being a douche for this health care debate. That aside, he is alot better than those that ran against him in both elections.

was a douche for giving both cops, and legitimate gun owners a bad name. But he won't be the first, or the last cop who goes that bad.

LA RAZA and their allies are still going on about this mythical country Aztlan. They are both a danger, and a nuisance just due to the fact that there are people HERE that are dumb enough to believe them.

For being a permanent nuisance to Americans of all races (I am not even white), La Raza and their Allies steal (appropriate term) October, 2007's "Douche Of The Month".

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