23 October 2007

Douche Of The Week 10.23.07

This week's "Douche Of The Week" is a group award.

Illegal Immigration has always been a pet peeve of mine. But this La Raza group intends to take this alot further than just sneaking across the border for employment.

They intend to "take back" the States that were won by the United States during the Mexican War. They are under the false impression that they are native to this continent (no mention of the Spanish blood in their vains as well as Aztec.)

They are either going to expand their numbers within the States in order to influence our politicians to LET this happen, or they will eventually try using force to achieve this.

I see a few problems with their idea. First, I am not too sure the American population will just let them waltz in, and create their own country. Second, the question comes to mind: "Do they intend to shit where they eat?" After all, they did such a great job managing their oil rich country to a point where half their population is trying to get out of their own country to survive. They can't be so confident to think that by some miracle, those states will generate a good life for them on their own. Finally, if the land is to be given to their "rightful owners", this would mean the Apache, Comanche, Souix, ect...NOT THE MEXICANS.

For believing their own bullshit, being the ultimate in racists, not to mention threatening the sovereignty of the United States Of America, and wasting valuable air that can be used by normal people, La Raza, and their allies, rightfully take the "Douche Of The Week" award.


Sandy said...

not to mention the fact - "This is are land" - that if you can't get the protest signs spelled correctly, your odds of voting correctly also pretty much tank.

Great pick.

wolfbaby said...

ugh this is a pet peeve with me so bad it ain't even funny... good pick

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Did you go visit that psycho on the UTA staff yet? He's like their posterboy. It is so crazy scary. I taught in a school with a large Hispanic population & when I tried to say Hispanic was a subset of White, they freaked out. When I asked what their native language was & they said Spanish I said, "And, what color are people from Spain?" Even using reason didn't work.

Kaytabug said...

I sure hope the US can prevent this group from growing in our land. I am right beside you on this one! Great pick!