06 October 2007

Five Things Meme

Debs tagged me for this meme a while back, and I did not know it.

Five Things You Didn't Know

1. I have an unjustifiable fear for heights, which is funny, considering my history.

2. I currently do not drink, but I used to brew my own beer.

3. The average height of a male in my family is 5'4". I am 5'11".

4. I am the first person from my family to be born in the United States, but the fifth person in my family to serve in the US military.

5. If I could do it all over again, I would be a history teacher.


Debs said...

Hey I knew those. :P

Thanks for doing it. :D

Debs said...

Don't you have a stitching pic to put on your blog?? :P