15 July 2007


CCA, offically known as Corrections Corporation Of America. Unoffically known by both staff and inmates as "Can't Count Anything". Hey, it's a job. It is not a bad place to work, so if you are getting tired of spending time with your family, scorn Church on Sundays, and have a phobia against sleeping, then this is the place to work. The pay sucks, and so do the "raises". Did I mention that I need to eat?

As a private facility, you might think the inmates act differently. You are half right. Since the facility is more occupied with getting sued, balancing a budget more toward profit instead of officer safety, and an unoffcial policy of appeasement instead of order, the inmates, in general, act like unsupervised Klingon children. Gang activity is openly accepted. The facility I work at is at least 50 officers short, so don't plan on going home after eight hours. It is more like 12 to 16 hours. Sometimes more, but we are not supposed to talk about that. Besides, the time clock cuts us off after sixteen hours anyway. Hey, it's a job.

Now you might hear of the so called abuse convicts suffer at private facilities. Let's go over this. At the facility I work, the convicts:

>Get to wear freeworld clothing;

>Get an openned rec area, even if it means doing away with officer breaks to cover the area;

>Get to hold sporting events that impede the orderly operation of the facility, without notifying the security staff;

>have a tv and microwave on every floor of their dorms, which cannot be touched by staff as a means to control the inmates;

>have an administrative staff that sides with them on 70 percent of the issues, even if it underminds security;


Oh such abuse! Let's get the ACLU into this. Wait, someone already did that :(

What amazes me about this job is the selective knowledge of the inmates when it comes to facility regulations. They forget that you can't grab a female officer in the butt, but that sure as hell remember that they are entitled to a haircut upon demand.

They forget that you can't threaten the life of an officer, but they sure remember that the same officer can't curse them out.

They forget that you cannot possess a bag of marijuana in a correctional facility, but will be the first to cry foul when an officer smokes at a non-smoking facility.

They want property receipts for stolen property that staff confiscates.

Baby inmates first words: "I want a grievance."

Those black robed activist that are called judges need to be castrated so they do not contaminate the world with their genetic material.

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