24 July 2007

Our Good Neighbors

Working corrections in Texas, I can't help but notice a few things while on the job. At least three times a day, I have a run-in with an inmate who "No hablo ingles". Most of the time, the man is full of shit, especially when I start saying words like "Segregation Housing", and "Commissary Restriction". There are a few though who really do not know our national tongue.

Ok, a question of reality. You sneak into my house (in this case, the good old US of A), and you do not even know how to beg for your life in my language?

The reason many of the past, and LEGAL immigrants eventually reached success in our country was that they assimilated into the American culture. Hell, I'm first generation American myself. My parents learned English BEFORE they got the legal paperwork to even step into this country. They did not demand preferential treatment, or monetary benefits which they did not earn. They were not a culture and financial drain on the country. My parents will be the first to tell me that their former country (over 50 years past now) was a hard place to be.

But if you bother to listen to the Mexican inmates I have to deal with, they'll try to convince you that Mexico is better than Heaven itself. My standard question to them: "If Mexico was such a paradise, then why the fuck did you leave?"

People will tell you that we can't survive without these illegals from Mexico because we'll die without the tomatoes that they pick. Ok, I am sure the gentlemen pictured below will pick your fruit.


Debs said...

Um No thanks. I will pick my own tomatoes and other fruit. :)

Raven_Dase said...

OMG@!!! That is soo hilarious!!! and soo TRUE at the same time! Way to go! Someone needs to tell it like it is.

Debs said...

I have tagged you. Read my blog..and do the meme. Then leave me a comment when you post your answers on your blog. :)

Kaytabug said...

I am with you! I really enjoyed this post! You know that they are trying to turn OUR heaven into THEIR heaven? If you want the fuckin' Mexicana get your ass back there! Now I feel like apologizing to you for my language!

Robocop said...

At least you cussed in English, so it's cool.