15 July 2007

The War

Opinions on this war in Iraq are like assholes, everyone has one. Should we be there. It does not matter. We are already there, and we can't just leave. That would only be equal to taping a "kick me" sign on your scrotum. Our main problem, we did too little too late. We go to war with basically a peacetime mentality to exclude a war bonds drive, or a real effort to increase the strength of our military. We go in with a minimum number of ground forces, which is great in taking a country, but someone forgot to take into account that you have to hold the land that you take. As I said, too little/too late. Now that we realize this, the appeasement crowd is using this as an opportunity to lose the war, like they proudly did in Viet Nam. Following the traditions started by the likes of Neville Chamberlain, they want "Peace in our time." People forget how well that worked with Hitler. My heart goes out to the troops we lost, but it could be alot worse. Sixteen years ago, as I participated in a battle which you can compare to clubbing a baby seal, people at home started to feel sorry for the scum that practiced torture in Kuwait. So heeding to the outcry of those spinless jellyfish, Bush I called a ceasefire. Sixteen years ago, my comrades and I had one scary thought: "We'll be back here again."

If I was king, I have a solution to the Iraqi problem:

Now, to uplift our spirits, here is a little music video:

As for fighting the terrorists in Afganastan, Pakistan, wherever they may be, I saw a really cool animation from Stickdeath that summarizes my idea of what should be done when these degenerates are caught( WARNING: May contain strong language and mild violence):

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