15 July 2007

Got To Walk In Something

Ok, quick review of my background. Military, Corrections, and Law Enforcement. During this time, I have acquired a taste for boots, and I have a personal preference for what looks good, as well as what is comfortable/durable.

For a combination of comfort, durability, and looking damn good, nothing beats a pair of Corcoran Jump Boots (Model 1500). I wear these on the job, and almost all of the time, I have them in a high state of shine. You might say I am one of the few straight men who see the value of highly shined footware.

I have a modest collection of boots to include Corcoran 1500's, Corcoran 1525's, Corcoran Machs, and my first pair of Justins. For strictly comfort, I also own a set of Bates Ultralight Extremes, and 511 ATACs. They do not shine as much, but they are not dull either.

For polishing, I use Angelus and Lincoln paste polishes. For conditioning, I use Huberd's Shoe Grease, and Obenauf's LP.

Now many officers at work use the facility bootblack to polish their boots. Not me. I sort of have a problem handing over my $100+ boots to a felon to work on without my presence. I do my own work, thank you.

Boots I plan to get:

>Corcoran Historical Brown Jumpboots;

>Justin 3170's;

>Grinders 20 Hole Ranger Boots;

>Wesco Combat Boots;

>Russell Imperial Riders;

Wesco Motor Patrol Boots.


Debs said...

My kind of boots are Western/Cowboy boots. I like my red pair.

Robocop said...

I know you like the red pair. Someday, I might even see you wear them with clothing.