28 January 2008

Crash Dummies For "The Cause" 01.28.08

Ok, let's highlight what these wonderful human beings support:

>Communism- Yeah, that was a great idea. Stalin was such a wonderful guy. China is such a good friend.

>Che Guevara- He's dead. Get over it! This saint was Castro's supreme prosecutor, who was in charge of the trials and executions of hundreds.

>Palastine- Yup. Those same people who CELEBRATED 9/11.

>"Support Iraqi Resistance"- Translated: It's cool to kill US and Allied troops, and to murder hostages.

>Down with Evil Capitalism- Gee, I am surprised by that statement. This computer is a product of Capitalism.

>"We Are All Palastinian"- Was that a sick joke, or a product of drug usage?

> "9/11 Truth Now"- Well, let's see, we were attacked by a group of Islamic terrorists.

> "I Love NY- Even more without the World Trade Center"- Yes, the towers spoiled your view of Central Park, not to mention all of those people.

>"Death To America"- No thanks.

>"Smash The Jewish State"- try asking the Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, Iraqis, Palastinians, Lebenese, etc...

>"The Left Will Rise"- The '60's are DEAD.

>"**** Middle America"- What, no drink, dance, flowers, not even a call?

>"Queers For Palastine"- You bet you are.

>And no Libtard party is complete without a flag burning.

THIS is what Liberalism has evolved to. THIS is what they support. THIS is what we must fight.


Crown Princess said...

Tag your it....see my blog for instructions. Sorry to keep tagging you but I just love reading your stuff.

wolfbaby said...

what some people will do is just sad