15 January 2008

Douche Of The Year 2007

The vote was close, but the deserving winner for the First Annual Douche Of The Year Award is none other than Lori Drew. As of today, she might be facing fraud charges, but she still deserves this award because she murdered a child, and will never be charged, or punished for the murder. I am sure there will be a special place in HELL for Ms. Drew.

Thank you for all participants for the Douche Of The Year voting.

Here she is,
The biggest douche of the universe.
In all the galaxies,
There's no bigger douche than you.

You've reached the top,
The pinnacle of douchedom.
Good goin' douche.
Your dream has come true.


Sandy said...

I hesitate to say, "Good job" but you did a good job, R.

Kaytabug said...

tee hee! This is great! They were all so deserving, it was hard to choose.

kitten said...

Good job!