03 January 2008

Douche Of The Week 01.03.08

This year is going quick to be posting a Douche of The Week already, but as the song says: "Time Marches On."

Quick reminder: Please look at the Douche Of The Year voting post. We need to pick the worse of 2007.

Now for this year's first "Douche Of The Week."

Yaser Abdel Said
is an Egyptian immigrant who did not assimilate himself into American culture too well.

Father May Have Killed Daughters For 'Honor'

IRVING, Texas -- A Dallas-area father may have shot his two teenage daughters to death because their Westernized clothes and behavior brought him shame, family members say.

Police are still looking for 50-year-old Yaser Said of Lewisville. Tuesday night they found his abandonded taxicab parked near an Irving hotel with his two daughters murdered in the back seat.

Investigators say either Sarah Yaser Said, 17, or Amina Yaser Said, 18, called 911 around 7:30 p.m., saying she had been shot, but could not identify her location. Police were able to trace the call to a general location, but found nothing.

An hour later, someone reported a suspicious vehicle near the Omni Mandalay hotel in Las Colinas, which turned out to be the taxi.

FOX 4 spoke with two of Said's family members who want to remain anonymous. They say Sarah and Amina dressed in Western clothes and listened to pop music. They described Said as angry with his daughters for not acting like proper Muslim girls.

Though police have not named the motive, in some Muslim countries fathers kill their children if they feel their honor has been ruined.

"It has a lot to do with the culture, and nothing to do with the faith," said Azhar Aziz of the ISNA. He admits that American popular culture often clashes with Islamic values, and says local leaders have campaigned against violence it sometimes spawns.

"The right way to address this issue is to educate people, to talk to people," said Aziz. "But to take the law into your own hands is not justified at all."

American clothes, music, MySpace pages-- all of these can cause conflict between parents who want to maintain values and children who want to fit in with friends.

Said was described by neighbors as a quiet man from Egypt. They were stunned to learn police had a capital murder arrest warrant in his name.

Police thought he was hiding in his house in Lewisville on Wednesday morning, and swarms of officers in SWAT uniforms surrounded the place. After bombing the place with tear gas and having snipers on alert for about five hours, officers discovered the house was empty.

Yaser Abdel Said is 6' 2", about 180 pounds, wearing a black turtleneck, brown coat and tan pants. Police say he's armed with a handgun and should be considered extremely dangerous.

The mother and brother of the two girls were apparently not involved, and were uninjured, police say.

Robocop's Comment:

Many American parents clash with their children all of the time over dating concerns. We just don't kill our kids over it. There were an estimated 5,000 "honor killings" committed in the world last year. This is bad parenting.

Yaser Abdel Said earns the title "Douche Of The Week" for a few reasons:

>He failed to adjust himself into American culture, thus giving him a self justification for murdering his daughters.

>In the spirit of multiculturalism, he brought more bullshit values into our country to worry about.

>He was a heathen.

The good news:

>He will face "the needle", this is Texas after all;

>He chose not to blow himself up in a shopping mall, or something like that.

Congrats Yaser Abdel Said, you are the first Douche Of The Week for 2008!


Kaytabug said...

Too late for that motherfucker but if our culture clashes so much with Islamic values then get the fuck out of our country.

Sorry, I am feeling feisty today!

kitten said...

I agree with Kaytabug! OMGees! If you don't like the USA, stay out!

Hyunchback said...

That's the biggest problem with Islam.

They don't have any concept of "ours" because they claim that Allah gave everything to them.

Of course they lie and say they just want to live in peace, when they aren't shouting "Glory to Allah" as they fly jets into buildings.

I'll believe that there are Muslims to be at peace with then they show me the pile of jihadist bodies they have amassed.