14 January 2008

Douche Of The Year Update

So far, Lori Drew and Jack McClellan are neck and neck with 3 votes a piece. I need a tie breaker before tomorrow by someone who has not voted on it yet.


Danny Vice said...

I am not sure if you've already broken the tie here or not... but if I happened along just in time to be a tie breaker, then I have to go with Lori Drew, simply because she is the gift to insanity that keeps on giving.

Someone who would stalk a kid to death and then throw their daughter under the bus to save her own skin?

Yep... that's almost as vile as Jeffrey Dahmer who at least KNOWS he's a psycho. Lori Drew thinks she's quite a nifty noodle... and why shouldn't she.... She has prosecutor and city council pulling for her.

Danny Vice said...

By the way... I know it's a long time coming... but I just realized I never got you linked. Well, I've resolved that little problem. thanks for being a good friend in the same fight against the liberally insane.

Robocop said...

Thank you Danny Vice, for linking me, and for breaking the tie without use of a court.