11 January 2008

Douche Of The Week 01.11.08

First, please post a vote for 2007's Douche Of The Year.

Now this week's Douche Award goes to a not too recent offender.

Imagine a woman getting raped. Imagine a suspect caught. Imagine a trial were the victim is NOT allowed to use the words rape, sexual assault, sexual assault kit, defendant, ect..., but was allowed to use the words sexual intercourse, and sex? This would confuse any jury, and it did.

The location is Lancaster County, Nebraska. The judge who imposed these restrictions, thereby stacking the case on behalf of Mister Rapist is Judge Jeffre Cheuvront. This really happened.

For being a prime example of judicial legislation, protecting a rapist, and denying a victim justice, Judge Jeffre Cheuvront is this week's "Douche Of The Week."


wolfbaby said...

I can not believe that he got away with that specially since it interferes with freedom of speech. what a jerk

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

When you can use the bench to prohibit justice? It's time to fear the judicial branch...oh wait, doesn't the SC already do this???

Thanks for visiting. Tell D we miss her.

And, I was thinking the Douche of the week would be the goober who tore up his US Passport while saying how great the extreme Islamists are. The one who actually will face the first treason charges in 50 years. Think we can hang him??

lisa's chaos said...

Each time I think you might be unable to find a douche, you manage to come up with an even bigger one!

kitten said...

OMGees! Now that just beats anything. I agree with Lisa. Gees!

kitten said...

Have you or Debs seen my videos I made of my kids on the drama team? I made 4. # are together and the 4th one was made not long after.

Kaytabug said...

I get sick thinking of all the abuse of power in our government.

Hyunchback said...

I agree that this judge deserved this honor.

It is the only honor Hiz Honor deserves.

Among the problems I have with Kieth Olberman (and the problems are legion) is he NEVER uses his "Worse Person In The World" segment to slap at jerkwads like this scum lawyer.

No, he'll slap at Glen Beck or Bill Riley. Like other talking heads are "worse" than a judge abusing his bench and giving Lady Justice a reason to keep the blindfold on.