17 August 2007

Douche Of The Week 08.17.07

Todays Douche Of The Week award is special in two ways. First, this is going to be a group award. Second, this effects me on a personal level. You see, I was home from work for only four hours when work called me up on the phone to come in again. Apparently, the animals we refer to as inmates had alittle temper tantrum regarding the new rule that they could not walk around the facility in their underware, or cuss out staff at will, with impunity. These animals, especially the young ones had the wrong impression that they ran the place, and when proven wrong, they had themselves alittle riot.
Of course, the riot was quelled, and we are on full lockdown. What this means to them includes the following restrictions for the next month or so:

>They stay in their rooms unless we are feeding them, or they are using the restrooms;

>They don't get to use the phones, TV's, or microwaves;

>They get to shower every 72 hours;

>They get no rec whatsoever;

>All meals are currently sack lunches;


How this effects me and the people I work with:

>Mandatory 12 hour shifts;

>All of those much needed vacations are out the window, including my holiday time;

>We get to listen to these bastards whine about their inconvenient life.

For being such assholes when it comes to following simple rules, and for stealing much needed oxygen that higher life forms like cockroaches need to live, I declare with glee that the inmates of the Mineral Wells Pre-Parole Transfer Facility all earned the title Douche Of The Week.

There are three groups of people who are runner ups for this weeks Douche Of The Week award.

Runner Up #1: Those convict advocates who seem to be posting about the suffering of these "poor inmates". Two words: Fuck Them.

Runner Up #2: Armchair non-private Correctional Staff who think they are so damn superior to private staff. I've worked both public and private facilities. Officers on both ends of this spectrum face the same dangers, suffer the same effects on their family lives, and deal with the same stresses. I commend both public and private officers, but those Monday Morning Quarterbacks need to get bent. Two thousand inmates, and no locks. Don't screw with us.

Runner Up #3: TDCJ Parole Board. Inmates at a Pre-Parole do not need to be there for five years or more. If they get denied, send them back to a facility with the needed security measures. If they are in a gang, send them back to a facility with the needed security measures. If they are violent offenders, send them back to a facility with the needed security measures. If they are sex offenders, send them back to a facility with the needed security measures. What criteria is used when deeming an inmate eligible to be at a pre-parole? TDCJ seem not to know the correct answer either.


Kaytabug said...

I just loves this series! Another great pick!

Do you really want me to move to Canada? Lol!

Robocop said...

Thank you.

As for moving to Canada, not really, unless you throw dogshit at returning troops**LOL**

Kaytabug said...

I am most defiantly NOT that type of Liberal...I am still trippin' on any human being throwing dogshit on a soldier...you mean that has happened within the past 5 years? I am at a loss for words... That is just appalling and wrong on so many levels. I am against the war in Iraq,actually for the one in Asscrackistan, I want World Peace,though I will always 100% support the troops.

I can't believe this September will be 6 years. It still seems so fresh...so recent to me.

Robocop said...

You think 6 years is long, my party with the Iraqis was 16 years ago, and I remember it like last month.

Robocop said...

Funny thing about this riot, and the internet. I just LOVE all the inmates spouses who have had their convict hubbies lose good time over this riot after they got nailed for their actions. All of these ladies are saying the same thing, their husbands are innocent. Ok, whatever.

I wonder how many people will be stating their innocence on Judgement Day. **LOL** I'll break out the marshmellows.