18 August 2007

Sci-Fi Shows Past To Present

Like your average American, I spend a third of my life in front of a television. I have seen shows come and go, some I liked, some I hated. My favorite category of television shows are science fiction. Now I will list all of the shows I liked past to present. I look back at some of these, and I wonder what I was thinking. This post will be You Tube intensive, so I hope your machines don't bust a chip.

Flash Gordon

-Remember all of those tv show reruns on UHF? This one was played alot every Sunday morning.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

-Cheesy submarine packing nukes.

Lost In Space

-a family flying saucer. As a small child, I thought Penny was hot.

Star Trek-TOS

-The Captain is a player, and they blow stuff up. What's not to like.


-Ok, I was a really, really bored little kid.

Space 1999

-Well, it is now 2007, and out technology still sucks. I guess this show's vision of the future really fell through.

Battlestar Galactica

-This show wasn't bad in its original form. Politicians got their people destroyed because they pushed for peace with an enemy who wasn't hearing it.

Star Trek-The Next Generation

-Pichard was no Kirk, but his ship had balls. And Klingons became the good guys. Nice people to have your back.

Star Trek-Deep Space Nine

-This show started out alittle slow, but actually had an all out war in the last two seasons. Talk about going out with a bang.

Star Trek-Voyager

-Cute little ship.

Babylon 5

-War, sex, crime, what else can you ask for?

Space:Above and Beyond

-Good show, but it wasn't PC enough.


-When the makers of the Muppets get bored, they make TV shows.


-What do you get when you try to make Star Trek alittle TOO PC? A shortlived disaster.

Battle Star Galactica BSG-75

-They got the original Battlestar Galactica, had the balls to rewrite the entire plot of the show, and threw in CGI, and you have a kick ass show. This is my current favorite.


Kaytabug said...

LOL I think I busted a gut watching the opening of Star Trek-TOS... the theme song hahahaha!!! I watched that one growing up.I watched your first 4 and next gen. I never got into the others. I also loved Dr. Who and MST3K.
Now I wonder do you have Spock ears?

"Live long and prosper"
NO, I am not a trekie...

Robocop said...

No ears, sorry**LOL** As for Dr. Who, I think I was overexposed to the Tom Baker reruns.

Kaytabug said...

See he was my Favorite Dr. Who!!