09 August 2007

Just Got An "R" Rating

This was bound to happen. Too many plain spoken people have used the F word one too many times, so this blog went from a PG-13 to Rated R. If I am going to get an R rating, I might as well do it right.

Ok, we have seen these Hajis post videos about their attacks on US Troops, including the cheesy music that is a psychological weapon in itself. But someone found one of their videos with an interesting twist. So if you don't mind the horrible music, and the mild violence in the end, feel free to see what a good terrorist looks like.

1 comment:

Kaytabug said...

That is some freaky nasty music. I am LMAO at dipping the bullets in pork! That is just hilarious! If that blog rater thing could scan pictures and video content,which I don't think it does...I think it only scans words, you would be getting close to an NC-17!