09 August 2007

The New Forgotten War-Desert Storm

During the 1990's, we have heard much about the "Forgotten War", meaning the Korean War. Well, with this new decade, one National Memorial later, I think we need to revamp that title to mean Desert Storm.

Many view this current war as a continuation of Operation Desert Storm, but let's face it, World War II was a continuation of World War I. Yet these two wars are recognized as different.

Yes, Desert Storm had smaller American losses than the current (148 KIA, 145 Non-battle Deaths, and 467 WIA). But these were still Americans serving their country, and they served it with no less zeal then the current crop of Haji killers. Many Desert Storm Veterans are still suffering physical and psychological damage stemming from that conflict.

The only statement that is on the money regarding Desert Storm is "If only we were allowed to finish the job back then." Amen to that. Half a million US troops on the ground, and most of them non-dependent on gadgets to make it through the day, and the Liberal Scum kept at bay, things may indeed have been different, both with attaining victory, and the follow-up.

So why bother ranting about this Forgotten War? The only answer I can come up with is that I was there. I am tired of the insinuations that we risked less in that war than this one. I am tired of watching the news, and seeing those "allied" Iraqi hacks wearing the same uniform we once wore sixteen years ago.

My hat is off to the warriors who serve with honor, both in this war, and the last one.

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Kaytabug said...

Ok, so I have tears welled up in my eyes. This is a very touching post.
I never had a good feeling about giving the Iraqi's our hand-me-downs I could never articulate why...you just did!