16 December 2007

It Takes Only One Atheist

Fury at Plano city plan to flip bricks engraved with crosses

A brick walkway at the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center in Plano sparked a legal battle between the city and a small group of families. The fight comes after the city overturned eight bricks on the 150-plus brick walkway which were engraved with Christian crosses.

Melissa Hawley bought several bricks at a fundraiser earlier this year to help the swim and dive teams. She bought three of them for her children, at a cost of $100 each. The inscriptions include her kids’ names and a cross. She was shocked when the city made the decision to turn them over about a month ago. She contacted the Plano-based religious organization, Liberty Legal Institute. The organization sent a letter to city leaders, demanding the city to make the change.

According to the Plano City Attorney, John Gilliam, one person complained about the bricks. Gilliam told News 8, that staff looked at the legal issue for about a week and a half and this Thursday decided to flip the bricks, exposing the crosses. Gilliam pointed out that all the bricks on the walkway can stay, but no more symbols will be allowed on future brick purchases.

Robocop's Comment:

Why do they ignore the protests of a group of Christians to satisfy the complaint of ONE atheist? The bricks were bought, paid for, and displayed with no problems until one asshole complained. I bet that same dork has no problems exchanging Christmas presents. May he or she have a shitty "holiday."

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kitten said...

These days if your not GAY or Atheist or some other that just likes making people's life miserble then they don't want to hear it. I really pray for them, because this only shows me more clearly that the end of time is near.