01 December 2007

Mister Hankey


Sandy said...

Thanks so much. I was too lazy to get up and change the channel today so I almost overdosed on all of the those so sweet made for tv christmas movies.

This was the perfect antidote!

Crown Princess said...

Hi Robcop, I love your posts and today was no exception. My comment here is two-fold. The first (which i have already done) and the second is to inform you, you have been tagged. You get to be oh soo lucky because your wife tagged my mother, who in turn tagged me, sooooo, i am just passin on the love..

Have a great Sunday

Crown Princess said...

opps, i forgot, check out my blog for instructions. it is in the post "School of Hard Knocks:

Debs said...

Fighting the Frizzies @ 11:00.

Well us Curlies tend to have Frizzies..and it is nothing that Biosilk can't cure. :P

Crown Princess...keep passing on the love. ;)

Ha Ha Ha Robocop, You got tagged. I won't let you forget, because I love you. :P

lisa's chaos said...

I know I'm crazy but I love Mr Hanky!