31 December 2007

Douche Of The Year 2007 Voting

This blog may be young, but there are plenty of candidates for the first annual "Douche Of The Year" award.

Here they are in chronological order:

July 2007 Douche of the Month-Jack McClellan

August 2007 Douche Of The Month-A. Whitney Brown

September 2007 Douche Of The Month-9/11 Conspirists

October 2007 Douche Of The Month-La Raza

November 2007 Douche Of The Month-Lori Drew

December 2007 Douche Of The Month-David Hicks

**Note-Due to holiday activities, I never had a chance to make a December Douche Of The Month post. But it is safe to say a traitor makes it most of the time**

Now for Douche Of The Year, I am going to do something different. I am going to let the readers decide, FROM THE LIST ABOVE, who should be the first Douche of the Year. No anonymous posters in this one. I'll give it until the middle of January, 2008 before I count the vote by posts. No polling set up in this one. I actually want to see the votes. IMHO, they all deserve it, but to keep up with the spirit of competition, which Libtards hate, there can only be one winner. Let the games begin!

PS- Happy New Year as we enter the YEAR OF OUR LORD, 2008.


Sandy said...

This really is very difficult. I am casting my vote for Lori Drew for the same reasons that you mentioned. This woman faces absolutely no consequences. What the heck kind of lesson does that teach our children?

Thanks for keeping an eye out.

Happy New Year!

Hyunchback said...

You sure don't make it easy.

Jack McClellan - Pedophiles are a prime candidate any time and this guy was awarded 14.5 minutes too much fame.

A. Whitney Brown - When you go too far you deserve to get your snoot poked. The First Amendment never protected you from the consequences of your actions. Just protected you from the government.

9/11 Conspiracy fans - I believe there was a conspiracy on 9/11. One acted out by 19 Muslims and their Al Qaida co-conspirators. That is the only conspiracy of any truth.

La Raza - AKA "La Losers". Are they going to give back all of Mexico to the Aztecs? Every place was taken from someone else. Demanding it back when you can't win by honest, open combat is a sure sign that you are a lazy, stupid and worthless whiner. La Raza or Yasser Arafat, they are the same.

Lori Drew - Yes, particularly heinous as she faces no official sanction.

David Hicks - The scum that goes to fight with the enemy does not deserve to be repatriated. Nor jailed. Execution is what traitors deserve and nothing more.

I vote for David Hicks.

wolfbaby said...

Can we cast more then one vote? In november there were a tie of three right? the couple who hurt that baby two year old. they should get it.. well they all should get it but ya know.. you make it hard to decide

wolfbaby said...

ahhh ok i forgot you did pick lori drew.. ok then yeah she deserves it for not getting punished. people suck sometimes with what they do

Hyunchback said...

Hold the vote! I have a dark horse contender!

True, this one didn't get nominated by our favorite turnkey but if you'd have seen this story you'd have put it up.


Go. Read.

If this guy doesn't deserve Douche bag of 2007 then maybe he's going to be the first of 2008?

kitten said...

This is hard, but I vote Lori Drew! Somebody that messes with a child! Well, all I can say is that I hope they ask God to forgive them!

Robocop said...


Please try e-mailing that link to me.

Debs said...

I vote Jack McClellan. I hate all baby rapers.

Fianna said...

My vote goes to Jack McClellan. He needs to be executed.

2nd place to Lori Drew, but only because she is not facing any punishment. I hope her sleep is riddled with that girl's image every night.

3rd place, although it's a write-in are the murderers of Riley Ann Sawyers.

Kaytabug said...

I feel tied with Jack McCellan and Lori Drew. I am just sick that she gets away with what she did without any consequences...but pedophiles should be castrated without any anesthetic, allowed to heal and then hung. So I guess that means my vote is for the pedophile.

Robocop said...

Looks like Lori Drew and Jack McClellan are neck and neck with 3 each.